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Family Activity: Daffodils | The Prompter

Daffodils Showing Off Their Skills

Properties Master Jen McClure and Master Properties Craftsperson David Schrader devised a project for their Technical Design & Production students to complete at home as a hands-on creative problem-solving project. It’s based on The Leonardo Challenge, an annual event at the Eli Whitney Museum in New Haven. Hunter Spence, former Props Master, always included a flower arrangement in his submissions.

Here’s a version that you can do at home.

Jen used an egg carton, eggshells, a coffee filter, toothpicks, and cooking skewers to create daffodils that look like the ones from her own backyard!


  • Assemble your materials–nothing is off-limits! Cardboard, tin foil, paperclips, old tee shirts – what do you have at your disposal?
  • Think about the flower’s textures more than its colors. Match your materials to those.
  • Look at what shapes make up your flower. Cut or tear your materials into those shapes.
  • Start assembling your flower from its center and build from the inside out. If you don’t have glue, here’s an easy paste recipe.
  • Decorate or color your flower if you want to.
  • Display your flowers in an empty vase, jar, or old shoe.


Bring a little spring inside!